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May 24, 2017 at 6:24 AM

Shipping and freight is a diverse industry with various cargoes being carried across various trade lanes by many modes of shipping such as Dry Bulk, Wet Bulk, Container and General Purpose trades.


While most of the above trades are homogeneous in nature, the containerized trade may be considered to be the most versatile of all of them accounting for around 1687 million tonnes moved around the world in 177.6 million containers in 2015.


Why is the containerized trade considered the most versatile among the shipping trades? Because of the sheer variety of cargo that is transported around the world in containers.


Using the various container sizes, types and dimensions available in the trade today, one can transport almost all types of cargoes around the world.


But sadly, it is also true that while most of you might have heard, worked on and shipped various cargoes packed in different types of containers, a lot of you might have never seen what the inside of a container looks like (whether empty or full) or the cargoes packed in it.


Hence I thought it might help to show a few images of various cargoes packed in various container types.


Although it is not a complete list/photos by any means, I think it covers a lot of the cargo packing types and should help you to get an idea.