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August 11, 2021 at 7:32 AM


Today, freight forwarding agents play an important role in supply chain management. Because there are so many companies in this industry, most of them may guarantee rapid delivery of a shipment, and if they don't, you may wind up paying more for demurrage, terminal fees, and other penalties, as well as having your supply chain schedules disrupted as a result.

In this article, I'll go over the top 7 factors to think about when hiring a freight forwarder or clearing agent, be it import or export shipping.

Here are the top 7 points to consider before selecting a Freight forwarding company:


1.Terms and Policy Disclosure

The main goal of the Disclosure Policy is to ensure that required information is disclosed to the public, investors, employees, customers, creditors, and other relevant parties in a timely, accurate, complete, understandable, convenient, and affordable manner, with the exception of confidential business information. A legitimate freight forwarding firm provides a detailed quotation to potential customers that contains all of the company's terms and conditions as well as the price.


2.Delivery Time

A good freight forwarder always assures its clients about the timely pickup and delivery of the goods. Ask the company you’re hiring to take the responsibility of on-time goods delivery to the right destination.



Due to the obvious fierce market competition among freight forwarding companies, you have a better chance of finding a freight forwarder who provides quality service at a reasonable price.

When it comes to business, cost is a critical factor, so find a freight forwarder who fits within your budget.


4.Industry Expertise

A freight forwarding business should have in-depth knowledge and awareness of the freight industry. Clearing and Shipping the cargoes to the right place and right time is indeed a challenging job to accomplish successfully, the freight forwarder should have the skilled workforce with complete knowledge of paperwork, rules and procedures.



A freight forwarding company collaborates with haulers. Find out the number of transporters the company employs, the higher the number, the better the chance of closing the deal. In addition to the number of carriers, consider the types of carriers they use, as goods can be shipped by different modes.  


6.Handling Capacity

This is one of the most important things to think about when hiring a freight forwarder. Examine the company's monthly shipment volume to determine whether or not the company is capable of handling your shipment.

If the freight forwarding company has previously delivered large quantities of goods to the location where you want to ship your products, it can certainly deliver your product safely and on time.


7.Types of Goods

Has the company previously shipped the type of product for which you want to sign them?

If the freight forwarding company has handled that type of cargo before, they can recommend the best carrier, provide the best packaging service, and complete the paperwork quickly and easily.


 Choosing Freight Forwarder Key Factors


Do you need to clear or ship freight? When you consider the aforementioned factors, you will hire a freight forwarding company such as Logical Maritime Services Ltd to complete the shipping process in the most efficient manner possible. Logical Maritime Service Ltd is a freight forwarding company that can provide excellent service to your company


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Valerie Aku Nyanyo