Logical Maritime Services Limited is committed to implement and maintain a Quality, Occupational Health, and Safety and Environmental Management System that continually improves effectiveness and performance, providing services that meet the requirements or our internal and external customers, applicable standards, and comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirement.

Global renowned as an integrated Logistics, offshore and onshore solutions provider in diverse industries, LMS has established a QHSE Policy for its operations.

LMS promotes a positive culture based on a passionate QHSE leadership. We are firmly committed to prevention of injury and ill health of all person within our workplace, and minimizing our environmental footprint through pollution prevention practices.

Providing adequate resources to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the QHSE Management.

Develop and sustain a culture of routinely doing things right and doing them better, adopting best practices, while building successful relationship both internally and externally.

Providing a safe working environment to all employees, wherever we work.

Identifying assessing the risk and hazards associated with Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in the workplace, and taking action to prevent, reduce or control it to an acceptable level.

Promoting ecological sustainability through waste reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities.

Empowering employees to raise QHSE concerns and effectively managing the necessitated actions.

Empowering employees to stop and challenge any work that is considered unsafe or not in line with this QHSE Policy, relevant standard and procedures.

Enhancing the competency of our employees through knowledge sharing, training and motivation.

Establishing reviewing and reporting publicly on QHSE performance, measured against objectives and targets in line with this policy.

Communicating this policy to personal at all levels within the organization, the member of the public and other interested parties on request.

This QHSE policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure continuing suitability, to ensure it meets the requirement of LMS, our customers, and the market.

At Logical Maritime Services, we never compromise our commitment to QHSE.


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